The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office or PCSO is one of the government agencies which offers medical assistance for Filipino patients.   Through its Individual Medical Assistance Program (IMAP), the PCSO was able to help patients and families who are in need of financial assistance for confinement, surgical operations, chemotherapy, among others.

The program was conceptualized in 1993 and has been continuously providing financial assistance to individuals who have health-related needs.

Criteria on how avail of the PCSO IMAP:

All Filipino patients who request for assistance, either personally or through a representative, on a health-related concern, including:

  1. Those confined in any health facility;
  2. Those receiving health care management as outpatients;
  3. Those seeking management in foreign countries, provided that no health facility within the Philippines is capable of providing such procedure.

PCSO IMAP Coverage: 

  1. Confinement – currently admitted or discharged with promissory note duly acknowledged by the health facility.
  2. Dialysis, such as but not limited to:
    • Hemodialysis
    • Peritoneal Dialysis
  3. Cancer Treatment
  4. Medicines
  5. Surgical Supplies
  6. Implant, such as, but not limited to:
    • Bone
    • Cochlear
  7. Laboratory and diagnostic procedures
  8. Devices, such as, but not limited to:
    • Medical Devices
    • Assistive Devices
  9. Non- and Minimally Invasive Procedures
  10. Transplant Procedures
  11. Cardio Procedures
  12. Rehabilitative Therapy

Click here for more details on the PCSO IMAP and the documentary requirements.