physician prc license id renewalRenewing your physician PRC license was not as easy as it used to be, that is before the implementation of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) law.

The CPD Act, authored by Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, requires professionals to earn CPD units before they can renew their Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) licenses.

PRC is already requiring CPD units for those professionals (with some exceptions) who are due for renewal starting July this year. The transitory period for the accumulation of CPD Credit units are as follows:

PIC Renewal Period

Minimum Credit Units Required for the Profession

January – June 2017


July – December 2017


January – December 2018


January 2019 – onwards


For physicians, we need a total of 45 CPD units to renew our PRC license. This means that 13.5 CPD units are required for July to December 2017; 27 CPD units for January to December 2018; and by January 2019, the 45 CPD unit-requirement must be met.

Ever since the PRC started implementing it, we’ve had read so many “horrible” experiences endured by some professionals who renewed their licenses.

  1. Facebook user, Ronnel Chavez, a teacher, expressed his disappointment over a PRC office in Visayas and pointed out that the CPD act has made license renewal more frustrating.  He also narrated some suspicious activities during the renewal process.
  2. Licenses cannot be claimed immediately.  A fellow doctor renewed his license last week and he was told that the license card will be released March next year.

After reading these bad experiences from fellow professionals, here are the things we can advise before going to the PRC office:

1. Online registration and appointment is a must.  Go to, register, and set an appointment.  Print the APPLICATION FOR PROFESSIONAL IDENTIFICATION CARD (PIC) form. DepEd Forum has detailed the step-by-step process of a hassle-free PRC renewal.

2. Get your payment reference number.  Payment can be made through accredited Bayad Centers and other money transfer facilities. You can also pay over-the-counter in some selected banks. Currently, payment thru credit cards and online bank transfer is not yet accepted.

3. Prepare all the certificates with CPD units.  The number of units must be indicated on the certificates. Certificates of training and diploma for those taking masters can also be used.