The Philippine Fireworks Association (PFA) has released a safety guidelines on the proper usage of fireworks.

  1. DO NOT buy illegal or smuggled firecrackers like the DANGEROUS PICCOLO.
  2. Be SAFE, be SMART. Buy only QUALITY tested fireworks products that bear the PS QUALITY MARK.
  3. To all parents, please DO NOT let your children use any firecrackers, especially the banned Piccolo which is responsible for most firecracker-related injuries.
  4. Use safer pyrotechnics (pailaw) instead of firecrackers (paputok).
  5. Read safety instructions found on the packaging of each firework on how to use the fireworks before your actually use it.
  6. DO NOT buy any fireworks without proper labeling showing the name of the manufacturer and safety instructions.
  7. DO NOT light firecrackers when drunk.
  8. CLEAN your surroundings after using fireworks.

Source: PDI