A study by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC found out that unsafe use of contact lenses may result to eye damage.  The researchers analyzed nearly 1,100 cases of eye infections related to use of contact lenses from  2005 to 2015.  According to the study, nearly 1 in 5 patients had either a scarred cornea, required a corneal transplant or had other types of eye damage because of the infection.  More than 10 percent of the patients had to go to a hospital ER or urgent care clinic for immediate treatment.

To avoid eye damage, experts recommend the following:

  1. People should not keep their contact lenses in while sleeping, because doing so raises the risk of eye infection by 6 to 8 times.
  2. Replace contact lenses as often as recommended by your eye doctor.  Failure to do so increases the risk of complications and eye problems.
  3. Use new and correct lens-storage solutions to lower infection risks.
  4. Wash hands before applying lenses to the eye.