The Duterte Philippine Health Agenda Framework 2016-2022

The Philippine Health Agenda Framework 2016-2022 under the Duterte Administration was recently unveiled.   The new health system framework aims for:

  1. Financial Protection: Filipinos, especially the poor are protected from high cost of health care.
  2. Better Health Outcomes:  Filipinos attain the best possible health outcome with no disparity.
  3. Resposiveness:  Filipinos feel respected, valuedm and empowered in all of their interaction with the health system.

The Department of Health said that the new health agenda framework will be attainable through the ACHIEVE strategy:


Advance health promotion, primary care and quality


Cover all Filipinos against financial health risk


Harness the power of strategic HRH


Invest in eHealth and data for decision-making


Enforce standards, accountability and transparency


Value clients and patients


Elicit multi-stakeholder support for health

Read more about the The Duterte Philippine Health Agenda Framework 2016-2022:


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